Adam Lioz is an attorney and policy advocate with more than 20 years of experience working to promote political equality, economic opportunity, and racial equity through public education, policy design, direct advocacy, litigation, and electoral campaigns. 

Starting in November 2011, Adam spent six years on Demos’ Legal Strategies team before becoming the organization’s first Political Director in 2017.  In that role he worked to build and maintain Demos’ relationships and to develop and execute strategy for Demos Action, Demos’ 501(c)4 sister organization.  Adam led Demos Action’s engagement in the 2018 electoral cycle, equipping key allies and educating dozens of progressive candidates on policy and messaging around race and class.

In June 2019 Adam returned to the Legal Strategies team to pursue his passion for legal and issue advocacy.  In this role, Adam has focused on litigation to enforce the National Voter Registration Act and end prison-based gerrymandering; policy advocacy to promote political equality and democratic fairness through safeguarding the right to vote and curbing the influence of big money on the political process; and directing the organization’s efforts to transform the Supreme Court’s approach to money in politics.

Prior to joining Demos, Adam worked on environmental issues with PennPIRG (now PennEnvironment); promoted money in politics reforms and stronger election administration for U.S. PIRG; and organized to elect progressive candidates in three election cycles with MoveOn PAC and Progressive Future (now Fair Share), including serving as the latter organization’s first Program Director.

Adam has lobbied extensively in the Pennsylvania State House and U.S. Congress; written or edited more than a dozen reports on environmental and structural democracy issues; been quoted, published, or featured in leading media outlets such as The New York Times (op-ed Mar. 2002), Washington PostUSA Today, NPR, CNN, CSPAN; and played leadership roles in grassroots electoral campaigns that have made face-to-face contact with hundreds of thousands of voters.

In the spring of 2018, Adam served as an adjunct professor at Berkeley Law where he co-created and co-taught “Where Capitalism Meets Democracy: Federal Election Finance” with former Federal Election Commission Chair Ann Ravel.  His relevant publications include two law review articles (Breaking the Vicious Cycle in the Seton Hall Law Review and Limiting the Limits in the Election Law Journal) and a chapter called “Raising All of Our Voices for Democracy” in the 2018 book Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America; along with several Demos reports on money in politics listed below.

Adam received his J.D. from Yale Law School in 2007 and his B.A. from Duke University in 1998.  He is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.