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SCOTUS makes it rain: Most of the big money behind the 2016 election directly resulted from Supreme Court decisions

Sean McElwee
Adam Lioz
Juhem Navarro-Rivera

Congressional hearings for President Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court are less than a week away, and voters want to know what confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch could mean for their voices in our democracy. More than 90 percent of voters (including 91 percent of Trump voters) say that it is important for Trump to nominate a Supreme Court justice open to limiting big money in politics. Seventy percent of Trump voters believe that the Congress should reject nominees who would help the wealthy and privileged wield too much power in elections.

This makes perfect sense, since our new research shows that the Supreme Court’s decisions are responsible for a significant share of the money in the United States’ political system. Indeed, our new report, “Court Cash,” shows that 77 percent of money spent in competitive races in 2016 was directly attributable to Supreme Court rulings striking down basic protections against big money dominating our politics.

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