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From cutting-edge policy research to illuminating analysis, we bring a racial equity lens to the most pressing issues facing our country. For our latest blog posts and media updates, visit our Media page.

Introducing a framework rooted in racial equity designed to amplify new narratives around power.


As states impose new voter suppression tactics, the push for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is crucial to ensure equal voting rights for all.

Policy Briefs
Neda Khoshkhoo
Phi Nguyen

Letter to express our grave concern regarding the revelations and allegations surrounding
special interest judicial influence, corruption, lack of ethical standards, and apparent
lawbreaking by justices on the Supreme Court.

Testimony and Public Comment

This resource guide is intended to help advocates and local leaders make common-sense improvements to current voter removal practices and oppose bad bills that limit access to the ballot.

Campaign Legal Center
Common Cause
Fair Elections Center
League of Women Voters
Southern Poverty Law Center
State Voices

Dēmos strongly supports updating federal regulations to restore and extend overtime protections. However, we urge the Department to finalize a stronger rule than the one proposed.

Testimony and Public Comment
Udochi Onwubiko

This brief makes a case for directly empowering frontline communities to help govern public and private institutions that impact their lives.

Policy Briefs

Evaluating ten states across a spectrum of voter removal practices on an important but often overlooked voting barrier: voter purges. Purges played a part in more than 19 million voters being removed between the 2020 and 2022 general elections.


The Supreme Court is deciding cases that involve critical decisions affecting our everyday lives while using a procedure that provides little to no transparency to the public.

Policy Briefs
Ashley Tjhung

Why it is so important we expand our definition of public goods and protect them from profit-seeking private hands

Policy Briefs

This explainer outlines the consequences of corporate actors consolidating their power to act against the public good, and how Black and brown communities can come together to collectively advance and envision a just, inclusive economy.

Policy Briefs