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From cutting-edge policy research to illuminating analysis, we bring a racial equity lens to the most pressing issues facing our country. For our latest blog posts and media updates, visit our Latest page.
Voter registration operates as a tool of racist voter suppression and has long been weaponized to silence communities of color.   Today, we have the opportunity to change this by providing voter registration at federal agencies.
Policy Briefs
In collaboration with grassroots and faith-based partners working in communities of color, Demos is challenging Florida’s racially discriminatory attack on voting rights in the wake of unprecedented turnout by voters of color in the 2020 presidential election.
Updated May 18, 2021
​​​​​Big companies are using data to preserve the power imbalance that keeps them rich. This economic model is rooted in chattel slavery and relies on the extraction and commodification of data.
Yeshimabeit Milner
Amy Traub
A look at the policies of the Inclusive Democracy Agenda, why they are needed, and how we went about developing them.
Policy Briefs
The Executive Order on Racial Equity represents a firm commitment by the Biden Administration to champion racial equity and to advance equitable practices in data collection and data provision.
Testimony and Public Comment
Letter from 31 civil rights, consumer, and community organizations urging the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to issue a recommendation that credit information no longer be used to determine eligibility for, or the cost of, auto or home insurance.
Testimony and Public Comment
Our racist criminal legal system denies voting rights to millions. We must end this practice of disenfranchisement in all its forms.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Naila Awan
Removing unnecessary hurdles to small donor participation will help fix a system that currently prioritizes wealthy, white, male donors over communities of color and working-class people.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Adam Lioz
Ensuring just and equitable access to and ownership of one our most vital natural resources—energy—is vital to building a vibrant, inclusive democracy.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Lew Daly
Thought pieces from Black and brown Demos staff who have collaboratively reflected on the history of racism, the current state of our democracy, and envisioned the power of an inclusive democracy.
Policy Briefs
Shanaé Bass
Joshua Harmon
Amshula K. Jayaram
David Perrin
Christelle Prophete
Adrien Salazar
Lesley Williams