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An overview of the vote-by-mail eligibility criteria in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, and California and the hurdles Black voters may face. 
Policy Briefs
Black Futures Lab
Missouri's absentee and mail voting systems place unconstitutional burdens on the right to vote and violates federal law.
Updated October 9, 2020
Voter registration has long been weaponized to silence voters. And it’s not by accident.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Amshula K. Jayaram
Written testimony of Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman before the US House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law
Testimony and Public Comment
K. Sabeel Rahman
Our analysis of voter turnout in Ohio’s primary finds large disparities in absentee ballot request rates and voter turnout between predominantly white and non-white neighborhoods.
Shruti Banerjee
Amicus Brief in Support of Plaintiffs-Respondents in Pippens v. Ashcroft, a case before the Missouri Court of Appeals on Missouri's proposed Amendment 3.
If we truly want to build inclusive democracy, we must articulate an affirmative vision of voting rights in the Constitution itself.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Brenda Wright
Challenge to halt implementation of an Indiana state law that would have purged voters without notice based on unreliable third-party data from the Crosscheck program.
Updated August 24, 2020
FRRC offers this brief to make three points informed by its experience working with formerly convicted persons struggling to participate in Florida’s democracy under the strictures of SB7066.
Congress must address how Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people confront both the worst health outcomes and the greatest threats to household financial stability as a result of the pandemic.
Policy Briefs
Amy Traub