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Ethics Experts Sue Trump for Violating Constitution on Day 1

Adam Lioz

An all-star team of ethics experts and constitutional scholars sued Donald Trump today for immediately violating the Constitution’s prohibition on government officials receiving payments from foreign powers.

The prohibition is intended to prevent divided loyalties among top U.S. officials, including the President.

According to the New York Times:

The suit, which will not seek any monetary damages, will ask a federal court in New York to order Mr. Trump to stop taking payments from foreign government entities. Such payments, it says, include those from patrons at Trump hotels and golf courses; loans for his office buildings from certain banks controlled by foreign governments; and leases with tenants like the Abu Dhabi tourism office, a government enterprise.

The lawsuit could force Trump to produce his long-awaited tax returns in order to assess what types of foreign payments he has received in recent years. 

This latest action comes just two days after millions marched all over the U.S. and the world, and one day after Trump’s staff found itself in a defensive crouch after blatantly lying about the crowd size at the inauguration.

The resistance has begun.