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Fresh research and writing for the start of 2020.
Gwyn Ellsworth
So the next time Democrats complain about lower voter turnout, not just in 53206, but in any beleaguered neighborhood, they might think first about the policies, both old and new, that have served and continue to serve as stumbling blocks for black political participation.
In the media
Caleb Gayle
Demos’s report details how historical and structural racism contributes to higher interest rates and insurance costs for Black and Latinx people, compared to white Americans.
In the media
Faiza Amin
Fist up with lightning bolts and American flags
This Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to give whatever you can to support our critical work to win the next 20 years.
K. Sabeel Rahman
The Disparate Impact standard is critical to continued and enhanced opportunity to access fair credit, housing, and homeownership. Demos strongly opposes efforts to undermine this longstanding enforcement tool.
Testimony and Public Comment
Amy Traub
Keep That Same Energy
Why we've organized an event series for black and brown millennials.
Shanaé Bass
David Perrin
Lesley Williams
The Supreme Court should hold that Title VII bars discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
The goal of Demos’ Race-Class Narrative (RCN) project is to develop an empirically-tested narrative on race and class that resonates with all working people and offers an alternative to—and neutralizes the use of—dog-whistle racism.
The left-leaning think tank Demos recently offered a bold, but seemingly obvious, proposition : Just scrap the private credit scoring system, and replace it with a government agency, accountable to the public.
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Jeff Spross
LGB+ Voices in the 2019 Black Census
Black Futures Lab
Color Of Change
SocioAnalitica Research