Connie joined Demos in 2017 and serves as the Director of Policy & Research, with responsibility for planning and managing research and policy development across the organization.

Before coming to Demos, Connie worked at the Center for Popular Democracy as Director of Campaigns and Director of Strategic Research, overseeing and supporting the broad range of campaigns and research. There, she authored reports in support of campaigns for fair scheduling policies, Federal Reserve decision-makers to focus on economic recovery until it reached African-American communities, transit investments that address racially disparate service access, local minimum wage increases, publicly funded defense counsel for immigrants facing deportation, and local investments to encourage lawful permanent residents (LPRs) to pursue naturalization.

Prior to CPD, Connie directed research and policy development at Boston's Community Labor United (CLU), a coalition of base-building community organizations and labor unions. She has been a strategic research campaigner for more than a decade, working primarily on campaign design and implementation for labor union organizing drives. As Director of Research and Policy at Boston’s Community Labor United (a coalition of base-building community organizations and labor unions), she coordinated a participatory policy development process for a successful transit campaign aimed at increasing racial equity through well-targeted investments. At UNITE HERE, Connie led research in support of the unionization of workers at a national healthcare laundry company. She also served the New York City Council as its Senior Policy Analyst for health issues. Connie became a union organizer after participating in an organizing drive of student employees throughout the University of California system.

Connie holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MA and PhD from the University of California at Los Angeles.