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The Republican tax bill will weaken the United States

Connie M. Razza
The Guardian

Collectively, we can create safe and vibrant communities, provide quality education, and build the buildings, roads and infrastructure our nation needs to continue growing. We can carry out the diplomacy required to build good will and project our values throughout the world, defend ourselves and our allies from threats and respond to emergencies. We can ensure that we all have what we need to thrive and – when times are hard – survive. And a fair tax system is the best way to enact these democratic investments.

In their hastily drafted and reconciled tax bills, donor-driven Republicans in the House and Senate have put forward principles that would instead weaken our country. They aim to redistribute resources back up to powerful, wealthy individuals and corporations. [...]

A Demos study found that the majority of the donor class – without regard to party affiliation – rejects economic policies proven to reduce inequality and strengthen economic opportunity. The sway of donors over several Republicans and the pressure they are exerting to rush the process is subverting our aspirations and values of our nation.

These tax reform proposals test congress members’ mettle – will they be able to stand up to the selfish donors looking to consolidate their power and wealth by sowing divisions? Will they be able to defend our core values as a nation, serve their constituents, and create a system that fairly draws contributions from all of us for our common betterment?

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