NAACP and other civil rights groups continue to praise Obamacare over Trumpcare

Civil Rights and Racial Justice Organizations Issue Joint Statement on House vote to repeal ACA [...]

“It is unconscionable that on the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act – which enabled millions of people to finally get affordable, quality health insurance and care – that Congress would vote to jeopardize their health and newly found peace of mind,” said Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy and Research at Demos. “This proposal is really just a tax cut package disguised as a health reform bill. In the first decade alone, the AHCA, or Trumpcare as it is now known, will cause an estimated 24 million people to lose their health insurance. At the same time, the proposed legislation would deliver roughly $600 billion in tax cuts to affluent individuals and health insurance companies. This is unacceptable. Health care is a human necessity and should be considered a universal right in our democracy. Trumpcare takes our nation in the opposite direction, with dire consequences for the economic and physical well-being of millions of Americans.”