These best practices, data, and examples come from our nearly 2 decades of experience supporting state agencies to engage in voter registration under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).


Why & How to do Voter Registration at Federal Agencies

A quick and accessible explainer of the potential for impact with robust voter registration at key federal agencies, as well as an overview of how to do voter registration well at these agencies.

Best Practices for Federal Agency Voter Registration

Detailed guidance on how to conduct effective voter registration at federal agenciesbased on lessons from state agency voter registration via the NVRA, for agency staff engaged in the implementation of the Voting Executive Order.

Sample List of Federal Agencies & Programs for Voter Registration

A short, non-exhaustive list of federal programs that are good candidates for voter registration, which we will update over time.

Federal Agency Voter Registration is Nonpartisan

Explanation of why voter registration at agencies—both state and federal—is strictly nonpartisan and sample training materials for agency staff.

Recommendations for Improving the Accessibility of

In this comment, we provide recommendations for addressing some barriers to voter registration faced by voters with disabilities and voters who are Limited English proficient.

Summary of Recommendations for Improving the Accessibility of

A summary of our recommendations for improving the accessibility of, and some specific examples of improvements that can be made.

How States Can Lead to Advance Voter Registration at Federal Agencies

Voter registration operates as a tool of racist voter suppression and has long been weaponized to silence communities of color.  Advocates and Election Officials in states have the opportunity to change this by designating federal agencies in their states as sites of voter registration.

Toward a More Representative Electorate

Years of experience conducting voter registration at state agencies shows the tremendous potential for impact of federal agency voter registration. In demonstrating the impact of the NVRA in the states, this report suggests that robust voter registration at federal agencies would further close racialized and income-based registration gaps and advance a more inclusive democracy.