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From cutting-edge policy research to illuminating analysis, we bring a racial equity lens to the most pressing issues facing our country. For our latest blog posts and media updates, visit our Latest page.
This forthcoming paper makes the case for why we need a new constitutional amendment—a Right-to-Vote Amendment for a 21st Century Democracy
Policy Briefs
An Analytical Framework
Hollie Russon Gilman
K. Sabeel Rahman
This report elevates the voices of affected communities across the country and provides important insights on the quest to vote.
Gilda Daniels
Tyson D. King-Meadows
Loren M. Henderson
The Public Interest Law Foundation has made such misleading and irresponsible claims before, and, when tested, they have uniformly proven to be unreliable and misleading.
Stuart Naifeh
Challenge to Missouri's failure to provide voter registration services required under federal law when residents interact with the state motor vehicle agency.
Updated November 22, 2019
Fully engaging and including Black people of all genders will strengthen the political power of Black communities.
Black Futures Lab
Color Of Change
SocioAnalitica Research
Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis
K. Sabeel Rahman
Hollie Russon Gilman
The Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019 would expand voting rights to eligible incarcerated residents with felony convictions. 
Testimony and Public Comment
Rodney McKenzie, Jr.
The Disparate Impact standard is critical to continued and enhanced opportunity to access fair credit, housing, and homeownership. Demos strongly opposes efforts to undermine this longstanding enforcement tool.
Testimony and Public Comment
Amy Traub
Testimony to Congress on current voter suppression tactics including voter purges, registration barriers, felony disenfranchisement, and prison gerrymandering.
Testimony and Public Comment
Brenda Wright