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Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis
K. Sabeel Rahman
Hollie Russon Gilman
The Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019 would expand voting rights to eligible incarcerated residents with felony convictions. 
Testimony and Public Comment
Rodney McKenzie, Jr.
The Disparate Impact standard is critical to continued and enhanced opportunity to access fair credit, housing, and homeownership. Demos strongly opposes efforts to undermine this longstanding enforcement tool.
Testimony and Public Comment
Amy Traub
Testimony to Congress on current voter suppression tactics including voter purges, registration barriers, felony disenfranchisement, and prison gerrymandering.
Testimony and Public Comment
Brenda Wright
How Albuquerque Campaign Donors Do Not Reflect the City’s Diverse Population and Needs
Laura Friedenbach
Isaac J. de Luna Navarro
Florida’s returning citizen leaders filed the brief to ensure full protection of Amendment 4 in their continued efforts to engage, empower and protect returning citizens and their right to vote. 
Chiraag Bains
Naila Awan
Emerson Gordon-Marvin
Dante Trevisani
Daryl Atkinson
Whitley Carpenter
Why amended versions of Florida's English-language, Spanish-language, and online voter registration forms are in clear violation of the Florida Administrative Procedure Act.
Testimony and Public Comment
Harris County should place voting machines inside of the Harris County Jail and ensure jailed, eligible voters are not disenfranchised.
Testimony and Public Comment
Naila Awan
Danielle M. Lang
To fairly evaluate any higher education reform proposal, we must understand the ways that these dual burdens—less wealth and more debt—lead to worse outcomes for Black students than white students.
Suzanne Kahn
Mark Huelsman
Jen Mishory
Democracy Dollars Can Make Every Voice Matter in Albuquerque’s Elections
Policy Briefs