Press release

Demos Launches Blog Series “New Rules for Wall Street” on Second Term Financial Regulation Agenda

NEW YORK – Today, national public policy organization Demos is launching “New Rules for Wall Street,” a week-long blog series calling for a strong second-term financial regulation agenda that would advance the overdue rules sought by the Dodd-Frank Act and promote further good rule-making to protect families, markets, and society from another Great Recession and three decades of failed deregulation policies.  


“[T]he job of reforming Wall Street is far from finished,” writes Demos Senior Fellow and former Goldman Sachs Vice President Wallace Turbeville in the premiere post today. “The most profitable investments for the big banks continue to be Washington lobbyists chipping away at reform and litigators challenging every major rule in court.”  As the financial industry’s post-election strategy shifts from trying to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act to trying to hold up rulemaking of all kinds, Turbeville and other Demos experts including David Callahan, Tamara Draut and Ben Peck will outline a plan that addresses unfinished rulemaking, defends recent wins, and lays out where the new Administration should lead in order to grow the real economy.

New Rules for Wall Street” will feature daily analyses on a range of regulation issues, including 401(k) rules, financial speculation, agency budgets, student debt, and S.3468, the alarming bill that would hold up critical rulemaking with White House review. 

New Rules for Wall Street,” at, will include:

These Demos regulation experts are available for interview; please see the contact information above. The blog series will include original infographics, all of which are available for re-publication:  “New Rules for Wall Street” is part of Demos’ ongoing work to promote regulation that makes the financial sector work for the real economy and to show how creating an economy that works for all Americans is the shared responsibility of business, government and individuals.