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Nationwide Tax Day Marches Demand Donald Trump Release His Tax Returns

Daniel Marans
The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― Tens of thousands of activists demonstrated in cities across the country on Saturday ― the date when Americans’ taxes are normally due ― to demand the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns. [...]

Heather McGhee, president of the liberal think tank Demos, focused on the way tax loopholes and other schemes rich people use to avoid taxes have deprived public institutions and services of much-needed revenue.

“Every year at budget time we’re coming up short. They tell us there is not enough money to make the schools better ― or even keep them open in some neighborhoods,” McGhee said.

“Across the country, Americans are calling ‘bullshit!’” she concluded, prompting the crowd to repeatedly chant “bullshit” in response.

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