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The idea of canceling student debt has become a topic of considerable debate. Here's what you need to know about the Warren and Sanders student debt plans and what still needs to be answered.
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“We don’t love where [the bill has] landed but we’re happy that we landed where we are."
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Justine Calma
“This is a problem that has not gone away but has gotten worse in many communities."
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Aída Chávez
The counter to this neoliberal vision involves, then, a more thorough moral critique—and a more transformative policy agenda—that tackles the underlying forces of corporate power, market inequities, structural racism, and anti-democratic political institutions. That progressives are finally talking
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K. Sabeel Rahman
Grassroots organizers and civil rights groups banded together to stop Texas officials from denying the franchise to voters of color.
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Chiraag Bains
The left-leaning think tank Demos recently offered a bold, but seemingly obvious, proposition : Just scrap the private credit scoring system, and replace it with a government agency, accountable to the public.
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Jeff Spross
A new report from the left-leaning think tank Demos argues that looking at borrowers' income alone provides limited insight into student loan burdens.
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Andrew Kreighbaum
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The state legislature is on the verge of passing the Climate and Community Protection Act, and they need to hear from you.
Adrien Salazar
"The ability to pay off your loans has everything to do with wages and the ability to gain secure employment, it has everything to do with housing affordability, it has everything to do with child-care costs."
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Jillian Berman
College grad
"Every qualified student—regardless of their color, gender, or financial situation—should be able to pursue their educational dreams."
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”For far too long, Black voters in this country have been marginalized, misrepresented, and taken for granted in electoral politics."
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P.R. Lockhart