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Empty voting booths at a polling location
Congress must act swiftly to put transformative pro-democracy legislation at the top of the agenda.
Adam Lioz
Laura Williamson
Why we need to prioritize passing H.R.1 along with H.R.4 and legislation granting statehood to Washington, D.C. (H.R.51) as the first items of business in the 117th Congress.
Testimony and Public Comment
K. Sabeel Rahman
Top donors remain largely white and male, according to data from the progressive think tank Demos.
In the media
Maya King
Close up of hundred dollar bills
Rather than cutting funds for public needs while allowing police budgets to swell, cities, states, and the federal government must shift funding to the real priorities of communities.
Amy Traub
Feet of people sitting on a bus, from a low angle
Felony disenfranchisement is one of several ways people get stripped of their power.
A circle of multi-racial hands extended and reaching for the light
Resources to make sense of the student debt crisis, the administration's Public Charge rule, the realities of our big-money political system, and more
Gwyn Ellsworth
How Albuquerque Campaign Donors Do Not Reflect the City’s Diverse Population and Needs
Laura Friedenbach
Isaac J. de Luna Navarro
In 2016, a report from the progressive think tank Demos found that most campaign dollars in local elections were coming from contributors who are white, male and high-income.
In the media
Martin Austermuhle
Democracy Dollars Can Make Every Voice Matter in Albuquerque’s Elections
Policy Briefs
Women of color are generally underrepresented as campaign donors even though they vote at high rates, according to research by progressive think tank Demos.
In the media
Michelle Ye Hee Lee