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From cutting-edge policy research to illuminating analysis, we bring a racial equity lens to the most pressing issues facing our country. For our latest blog posts and media updates, visit our Latest page.
Executive actions the new administration can take to help ensure the integrity of our elections and strengthen opportunities for civic participation for Black and brown Americans.
Policy Briefs
Why we need to prioritize passing H.R.1 along with H.R.4 and legislation granting statehood to Washington, D.C. (H.R.51) as the first items of business in the 117th Congress.
Testimony and Public Comment
K. Sabeel Rahman
A collection of contributions from leading student loan experts offering a roadmap for the Biden administration to take immediate action to cancel student debt for millions of Americans.
Policy Briefs
Mark Huelsman
This year, as we attempt to keep our loved ones safe during a deadly pandemic, more people in our communities will be voting by mail (absentee) than ever before. Counting those votes will take time.
Policy Briefs
New Mexico is failing to enable Black and Brown communities to access their fundamental right to vote.
Policy Briefs
Andrea J. Serrano
Miles Tokunow
Laura Williamson
Amshula K. Jayaram
Efforts to change the long-standing practice of counting every individual in the country for the purposes of drawing legislative districts would reduce the political power of—and the resources provided to—Black and brown people.
Shruti Banerjee
Naila Awan
From March through May, New Florida Majority Education Fund surveyed over 21,000 Floridians to ask how the pandemic was affecting their lives and well-being. This report presents our findings from those surveys.
New Florida Majority Education Fund
Identifying Communities That Face Environmental Injustice, Using Lessons Learned from State Equity Mapping Programs
Policy Briefs
Evergreen Collaborative
An overview of the vote-by-mail eligibility criteria in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, and California and the hurdles Black voters may face. 
Policy Briefs
Black Futures Lab
Missouri's absentee and mail voting systems place unconstitutional burdens on the right to vote and violates federal law.
Updated October 9, 2020