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This brief describes the challenges currently facing Black and brown people when voting by mail and presents policy recommendations at each step of the vote-by-mail process to mitigate those problems.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
A toolkit to help local leaders and communities identify and act on the warning signs of a wrongful purge and to understand how federal law restricts  such purges.
Policy Briefs
This presentation outlines the ways that student debt both contributes to, and is a cause of, America’s historic and persistent racial wealth divide.
Testimony and Public Comment
Mark Huelsman
Ways to increase access to the ballot for people who are released from incarceration and for eligible voters who are currently incarcerated. 
Policy Briefs
Naila Awan
Shruti Banerjee
Notice to the South Dakota Secretary of State of Noncompliance with Sections 5 and 7 of the National Voter Registration Act
Challenging the new process for conducting Ohio’s primary election as one that will deprive Ohioans of their fundamental right to vote and the failure of the state to allow voters to register up to 30 days prior to the election as a violation of the National Voter Registration Act.
Updated May 7, 2020
Progressives must see every policy fight as about more than its issues —it's an opportunity to shift power to Black and brown communities and working families. 
Policy Briefs
K. Sabeel Rahman
The three sets of steps policymakers and election officials must take to ensure that Black and brown Americans—and all Americans—can exercise their fundamental right to vote in 2020 and beyond.
Policy Briefs
Laura Williamson
Intervention on behalf of the of League of Women Voters of North Carolina and the North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute to defend North Carolina voters from a right-wing group’s attempt to bully elections officials into unlawfully purging voters before the coming presidential election.
Updated April 25, 2020
North Carolina
The specter of voter fraud is a talking point deployed to silence the voices of Black and brown voters across the country.
Policy Briefs
Chiraag Bains
Laura Williamson