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The Department's proposed "EAP Rule" fails to sufficiently safeguard working people.
Testimony and Public Comment
Amy Traub
The CCPA is a climate bill, a racial justice bill, a public health bill, and an economic development bill. We need it to be all of these things.
Testimony and Public Comment
Adrien Salazar
Federal law requires Spanish-language official ballots, official election-related materials, and oral election assistance. Florida's Secretary of State should adopt rules that ensure statewide compliance with federal law.
Testimony and Public Comment
Stuart Naifeh
Monica Russo
Yanidsi Velez
Jared Nordlund
Liza McClenaghan
Juan Cartagena
Maria Revelles
Nancy Batista
Shirley Aldebol
Stephanie Porta
Michelle E. Kanter Cohen
Matthew J. Murray
New York State is in the midst of a housing crisis. Right now, there is a policy platform under consideration that could address the crisis.
Testimony and Public Comment
Amshula K. Jayaram
Felony disenfranchisement is as senseless as it is cruel. It subverts a person’s fundamental right to participate in the democratic process.
Testimony and Public Comment
How We Can Fix the Housing Affordability Crisis
Policy Briefs
Algernon Austin
On Ohio's barriers to voting — including the practice of purging infrequent voters from the registration rolls — and how the elimination of Ohio’s same-day registration period negatively impacts Ohio voters.
Testimony and Public Comment
Naila Awan
How the Climate & Community Protection Act will Increase Resiliency for New York’s Latinx Communities
Policy Briefs
Lew Daly
Priya Mulgaonkar
We stand in solidarity with Representative Ilhan Omar and firmly against the rise of Islamophobic attacks and attempts to divide us as a people.
Testimony and Public Comment
K. Sabeel Rahman
We strongly support ACA 6, a bill that would place a state constitutional amendment on the ballot to restore voting rights to Californians on parole, and AB 646, which would make corresponding changes to the Elections Code. 
Testimony and Public Comment
Chiraag Bains