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A New Administration

K. Sabeel Rahman

Despite all the barriers, our communities showed up for democracy. Here is what must come next.

Despite all the barriers—the pandemic, economic collapse, intimidation and attacks on Black and brown voters—our communities showed up big for democracy, and we are now on the cusp of an urgent and exciting transformation, a shift in administrations. But this election has not by itself solved our crises or relieved the pain of our communities.

And that is where your support comes in. The likelihood of a Biden-Harris administration shows us that financial support like yours matters.

Your collaboration made possible historic voting rights litigation, significant investment in building state power and extensive voter mobilization, empowerment, and advocacy. To ensure we seize this moment of opportunity to realize a truly inclusive democracy, we want your continued help. 

Please make a donation to help us move this important work forward immediately.


A new administration offers possibilities, but whether or not we confront racial injustice, whether or not we address the deep inequities of our economy, of the pandemic, of our skewed political system, all depends on what happens next. An election is just the first step. Now is when we get to work.

Here is what must come next.

Here is what must come next. We need immediate solutions to the pandemic, and an economic relief agenda that dismantles the foundational inequities of race, gender, and power, invests big in public infrastructure and the safety net, and finally puts frontline communities in control.

We need to immediately pass structural democracy reforms such as the For the People Act (HR1), a restored Voting Rights ActDC statehood, ending the filibuster, advance court reform, labor protections that democratize the workplace, and more. These solutions can undo the brazen attempts at hoarding power and silencing us—ensuring that all of our communities have the political power and voice that define a democracy.

We need to be smart about the backlash that we know is coming.

We need to be smart about the backlash that we know is coming—from white supremacists, from powerful corporations that benefited from the pandemic and who will fight to preserve unequal status quo, and from a skewed judiciary that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell packed with white, male, and ultra-conservative judges.

Demos has been preparing for a long time for such an opportunity, and we are ready. I hope you’ll take a minute to look through our materials below: insightful analysis and policy recommendations for practical steps a new administration can take immediately and over time.

History has taken a turn, but the future is still in our hands. Thank you for your partnership on this journey. Now let’s get to work.

P.S. If you, like us, are breathing more freely for the first time in a (long) while and are eager to seize this moment of opportunity then please support the work that has not stopped and will not stop until we see realized our vision of a democracy and economy that works for everyone.