Reniqua Allen is currently the Emerging Voices fellow at Demos and a freelance journalist. She writes and produces on issues surrounding race, class, public policy and popular culture, with a particular focus on the black middle class. Previously, she was an associate producer for the PBS newsmagazine Moyers & Company and a fellow at the New America Foundation. She has produced and written for outlets such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, Congressional Quarterly, Politico, PBS, MSNBC, and HBO and was a producer on two Sundance-nominated films about social justice issues—Hot Coffee and We’re Not Broke. 

Reniqua has completed coursework for a Phd in American Studies from Rutgers University and is working on a dissertation that will explore the “Post-Cosby” representations of the black middle class on television. She has a BA in journalism and an MA in political science from American University.