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Stop Protesting Blue Ivy’s Hairstyle and Celebrate What It Really Means


There are lots of things that black people in the US should be protesting right now. High unemployment. The extreme loss of wealth. The gutting of the Voting Rights Act. Gun violence. The entire state of Florida. Yet one of the main things to dominate the news lately is the hairstyle of a particularly famous 2-year old. It’s one of the few things I don’t think we need to worry about.

About 5,000 plus people disagree with me.

Here’s how it started: A woman was so frustrated with the hairstyling of Blue Ivy Carter, the child of superstars Sean Carter (Jay-Z) and Beyoncé Knowles, that shecreated a petition on to urge her parents to “properly care” for their child’s hair—or more explicitly—comb her hair. She subsequently said it’s a joke but the debate wages on.