Through our work on Campaigns, Demos turns its ideas into public policy change that will have a positive impact on the lives of the young people, people of color, women, and working-class people of all races.

We use campaign tools and tactics to seize short- to medium-term opportunities to move progressive ideas into strong public policy at all levels of government.

Our campaigns team is composed of seasoned campaigners with backgrounds including activism, advocacy, community organizing, electoral politics, and state and federal lobbying. We work closely with long-term partners to achieve policy victories that build power with and for historically marginalized people. To Demos, a campaign victory is more than a checkmark in the “win” box—it must lift up the leadership of people of color-led organizations, amplify a narrative about racial equity, and add capacity to partners and allies who are invested in long-term change.

Today’s campaigns must build power for tomorrow’s challenges. A single victory is valuable, but much more so if its lessons and products—research materials, op-eds, messaging guidance, partner and policymaker relationships, press hits, policy analysis—can strengthen future campaigns and advocacy efforts.

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