We are disappointed that, in the midst of a global pandemic and at a time when Missouri is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Secretary has worked vigorously to reduce access to the ballot for vulnerable Missouri voters.
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"I Voted Today" sticker on the pointer finger of a Latina woman.
What to know about your voting rights and resources for ensuring that anyone trying to interfere with our communities’ voting rights ends up wasting their time.
Adam Lioz
Efforts to change the long-standing practice of counting every individual in the country for the purposes of drawing legislative districts would reduce the political power of—and the resources provided to—Black and brown people.
Shruti Banerjee
Naila Awan
Potentially thousands of voters were deprived of their right to vote because Florida was “unable to run a functional voter registration website” during the crucial final hours leading up to the registration deadline.
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Allison Ross
An overview of the vote-by-mail eligibility criteria in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, and California and the hurdles Black voters may face. 
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Black Futures Lab
New Mexico is failing to enable Black and Brown communities to access their fundamental right to vote.
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Andrea J. Serrano
Miles Tokunow
Laura Williamson
Amshula K. Jayaram
Today’s ruling ensures the same rules apply to all remote voters who, in the midst of mail delays amid a pandemic, face tight deadlines returning their ballots to ensure they arrive at their local election office before the close of polls on Election Day.
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Voting Rights Organizations Resolve to Protect Florida Voters as State Continues History of Voter Suppression
The state of Florida once again violated its duty to ensure all eligible Floridians can participate in free, fair and safe elections. Thousands of eligible residents will not be able to participate in the November election.
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"We stress the urgency in resolving this matter and extending the voter registration deadline so that all eligible Floridians have the opportunity to vote and participate in the November 3 election.”
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Florida’s online voter registration (OVR) system did not function properly on the day and night of the voter registration deadline. The State has extended the deadline, but not long enough for voters to complete their registrations.
Updated October 9, 2020