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Press release/statement

Demos President Strongly Denounces Governor Scott Walker’s Brazen Power Grab

K. Sabeel Rahman

Statement to be attributed to the President of Demos, K. Sabeel Rahman

Demos denounces Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s shameless signing of legislation that guts power from newly-elected Democrats.

Last week in a lame-duck session widely decried as a coup, the bills were approved by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature before being approved by Walker on Friday.

The newly-elected Democratic Governor Tony Evers will not be as powerful as his predecessor. The same is true for the incoming Democratic Attorney General. Walker also approved limiting the state’s early voting to a two-week period.

Governor Walker, who lost his re-election bid, is undercutting the will of the people, who voted against Republican candidates in the midterm elections. Democrats, who won more votes, will still be the minority of the legislature because of gerrymandering.

“Governor Walker has made every attempt to destroy democracy in Wisconsin,” said K. Sabeel Rahman, president of Demos. “This authoritarian-like move shows he does not respect the will of the people. His legacy is a disgraceful one. Throughout his tenure, Walker has disenfranchised voters with arbitrary voter identification laws, eviscerated campaign finance reforms, supported gerrymandering efforts, and attacked organized labor.

Also on Friday, the departing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, approved legislation that significantly weakens the state’s paid sick leave and minimum wage policies.

“Demos will continue to fight blatant power grabs and legislation that hurts everyday Americans,” Rahman said.