Americans’ lives, health and livelihoods would be put at risk if so called “regulatory reform” proposals now being considered by the U.S. Congress were to become law, slowing or stopping the regulatory process.

These dangerous proposals before congress include The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, The Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA), and The Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act (RFIA). 

A staggering number of state residents will be harmed each if these three upcoming rulemakings are passed

  • In Pennsylvania alone, for each year the government fails to update the restriction on levels of toxic soot in the air the state will face 3,890 preventable deaths and 84,539 preventable asthma attacks among children. 
  • Approximately 380,000 preventable illnesses from contaminated food will occur in Ohio for each year the government fails to enact new rules to avoid produce contamination.

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