Authored by Robert Repetto PhD, a Senior Fellow in the United Nations Foundation's climate and energy program, these four policy briefs examine the health, economic and environmental challenges posed by the effects of climate change in four particularly susceptible states.

The details of the report lay out the near and likely long-term consequences should these states fail to make a serious committment to combatting climate change.

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Economic And Environmental Impacts Of Climate Change In Arizona

Arizona’s citizens and its economy are among America’s most vulnerable to the growing adverse impacts of climate change. Climate change will have significant impacts on water resources and economic opportunities. Recent polling shows that the majority of voters in Arizona believe that state and federal governments should do more to address these impacts. To reduce the threats and realize the opportunities posed by climate change, Arizona’s leaders must support regional, national and international programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate a transition to clean energy.

Economic And Environmental Impacts Of Climate Change In Virginia

Virginia’s climatic changes have been thoroughly documented over recent decades. The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence predicts that climate change will continue and may accelerate unless strong action is taken to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change threatens serious harm to Virginia’s economy, its people and its treasured natural resources. Virginia’s political leaders should promote vigorous state, national and international policies to halt global warming. Virginia’s current leadership, both in government and in the private sector, should take up this mission.

Economic And Environmental Impacts Of Climate Change In Florida

Climate change poses a tremendous threat to Florida. Sea level rise, more intense precipitation, and stronger hurricanes increase the risk of natural disaster and imperil the state’s economy and its citizens’ safety. Compounding these dangers, increasing coastal population and development will put more people and property at danger. In years to come, those risks will lead to devastating damage if they are not mitigated. Florida has strong interests in limiting the extent of climate change and the state’s leaders should support efforts to enact strong national and international climate policies.

Economic And Environmental Impacts Of Climate Change In Nevada

Climate change will cause shifts in temperature and weather patterns that will significantly impact Nevada’s tourist industry and further stress its critical water supplies. To prevent even more extensive and rapid climate change, Nevada’s leaders and voters should support state, regional, national and international policies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Such policies will not only help prevent serious damages but also promote development of Nevada’s abundant renewable energy resources.