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These Students Are Taking a Bold Stand and Refusing to Pay Their College Loans

Latonya Suggs is one of 15 former students of Corinthian-owned schools called "the Corinthian 15" who are engaging in what they say is the nation's first student debt strike. They're refusing to pay back both their private and their federal student loans.
Strike Debt is helping provide legal support for the students for the consequences of the strike, which will be harsh if the group isn't relieved of its debts. Student loans are the most collectable form of debt, and not paying them back has a devastating impact on everything from credit scores to employment opportunities. [...]
"This effort puts a public face on the issue of predatory colleges," Mark Huelsman, senior policy analyst at the think tank Demos, told Mic. "This isn't a case where an institution failed to provide students help in getting a job, or that an institution's cost outweighed the benefits – we're talking about a school that has been sued by two states, the CFPB and investigated by the SEC. By all accounts, Corinthian was a predatory actor, and there are real human consequences to that."