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Sen. Bernie Sanders’ New Bill Would Make Attending A Four-Year Public College Free

Generation Progress
Senator Bernie Sanders may be shaking up the 2016 presidential election already, but he’s also continuing to make waves in Congress. The senator from Vermont has proposed something pretty radical: free college for all at public four-year colleges and universities for those who meet admission standards. Of course, Senator Sanders has received criticism for the idea, but seeing as the class of 2015 just graduated with the most student debt in history, it’s clear this country is in need of real solutions to the soaring cost of college.
Just last week, Senator Sanders introduced his bill, the College for All Act, which would make higher education accessible by all Americans. Senator Sanders, an Independent and self-proclaimed socialist, has taken a European-like approach to wealth redistribution in the interest of making education a public good.
A recent paper from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the think tank Demos proposed a blueprint for a bill for debt-free college in America. The ideal piece of legislation would mean allocating federal aid to states to lower the cost of tuition at public colleges, increasing need-based aid to students who qualify, and other measures to cut costs, like standardizing transfer credits and opting for entirely online books rather than pricy, physical textbooks.