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Selma Is Now: Voting Dropped Nearly 50% as New Policy Keeps the Poor From the Polls

Madame Noire

While the highest income bracket noticed a drop another source that analyzes the wealthiest one percent found that in 2008, 99 percent voted, which shows that the very peak of wealth controls most of what happens in America.

Sean McElwee, a research associate at Demos, examined the ways in which a reduced turnout among people of color would effect policy. McElwee used the American National Election Studies of 2012 to examine the differences in opinion between white and non-white voters.

” I focus on four questions about fundamental disputes about the role of government: whether government should increase service, boost spending on the poor, guarantee jobs and reduce inequality. I examine net support, meaning I subtracted the percentage of people in support of the law from the percent in favor,” wrote McElwee in a article for Salon.