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January 11, 2016

The Supreme Court’s approach to money in politics has not only been dangerous for our democracy, but also incorrect as a matter of...

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I've been trying to work through the question of how to talk about racial, gender, and class inequality simultaneously. I think a lot of those discussions are muddled and so I want to present a...
February 5, 2016 | Matt Bruenig
This piece was originally posted on the blog of the Movement Strategy Center One morning last December, I found myself at the Ford Foundation watching Anna Galland, Ai-jen Poo and...
February 4, 2016 | Jodeen Olguin-Tayler
In the summer of 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 margin, struck down one of the most significant provisions of civil rights law ever enacted.  The Court’s decision in Shelby County v....
February 4, 2016 | Naila Awan
Iowa caucus-goers are the subject of intense study in presidential elections. As we are seeing this year, they can have an outsize influence on presidential aspirations—not just for the first-place...
February 4, 2016 | Brenda Wright


Public financing of elections, as a state and local democracy reform, can help enhance the political voice and power of working-class people and people of color. It is an effective antidote to the...
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Thank you, Members of the Workforce Development Joint Budget Hearing, for the opportunity to submit testimony in support of a strong paid family leave program in New York State.  My name is Amy...

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