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New video: the particular inequalities of Ferguson require reform

Federal contractor workers protected under the president's new Executive Order

Public economic contributions are ignored in standard growth measures

New report shows it has the highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio

A new report shows the impact of raising wages for women in retail

June 18, 2014

Our latest report shows the effect that a Good Jobs Executive Policy will have on the lives of over 8 million Americans employed in...

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I am working on poverty data project using the Census' Supplemental Poverty Metric (SPM). It won't be completed for quite some time, but little factoids trickle out of the calculations from time...
September 2, 2014 | Matt Bruenig
The City of Detroit’s groundbreaking bankruptcy proceeding enters what may be its final phase this week. The court will conduct hearings over the next month or so to decide whether to approve the...
September 2, 2014 | Wallace Turbeville
Matea Gold reports in today's Washington Post that more than $11 million in McCutcheon Money has already flowed into this year's mid-term congressional elections. That's money that can be directly...
September 2, 2014 | Adam Lioz
When you find a leak, do you jump up and point at it? Yell about it? What if the leak is part of a massive flood? Do you call up your friends and make plans to build a dam? What if the leak comes at...
August 29, 2014 | Jodeen Olguin-Tayler


On behalf of Demos we respectfully submit this comment supporting the petition requesting a rulemaking to require public companies to disclose to shareholders the use of corporate resources for...
Advocacy Letter
In 2008, as the state of Missouri was poised to adopt a constitutional amendment to require documentary proof of citizenship of every person wishing to register to vote in the state, the New York...

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