An Equal Say And An Equal Chance For All


Heather McGhee's Senate testimony on the extent and impact of inequality

How the fastest-growing occupation is a microcosm of the jobs crisis

Public economic contributions are ignored in standard growth measures

A proposal to lower the cost of college and end state disinvestment

An important case was allowed to move forward in Rhode Island

June 18, 2014

Our latest report shows the effect that a Good Jobs Executive Policy will have on the lives of over 8 million Americans employed in...

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If it's hard for the current seniors to retire because of student debt, imagine the struggles the current generations will face. The New York Times recently ran a piece highlighting the growing...
September 17, 2014 | Robert Hiltonsmith
The Census released its income and poverty figures for the 2013 calendar year yesterday. Here I break down the impact of income transfers in the poverty data using my handy dandy Poverty...
September 16, 2014 | Matt Bruenig
One of the oldest attack lines in politics is that a candidate or elected official is “out of touch” with the American people. The phrase, deployed often and by both parties, is often used to outline...
September 16, 2014 | Mark Huelsman
The Zucman-Saez wealth data based upon tax returns is the best thing going right now. Here is their time series of the share of the national wealth held by the 1 percent: The Survey of Consumer...
September 16, 2014 | Matt Bruenig


I.  Introduction America’s economy has been an awesome engine of wealth creation over the past two generations, but the new prosperity has disproportionately gone to the wealthiest. Between 1979...
From: Demos To: Mayor Bill de Blasio; City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito; and interested parties Regarding: Unjustified exemptions that weaken and Aundermine...
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