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August 15, 2016

In total, 63 percent of those with medical debt on their credit cards reported either postponing or not filling a prescription, not...

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The Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project recently released its 2016 Latino National Survey. The poll includes questions about Latino/as partisan and ideological identification and ...
October 13, 2016 | Juhem Navarro-Rivera
Several weeks ago Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson agreed to be a guest on my City University television program. A few days later his office called to say he was ill and would have to...
October 13, 2016 | Bob Herbert
Tomorrow, I will be participating in a panel about the role of race and immigration in the 2016 elections at the University of Connecticut with professors Evelyn Simien (UConn) and Natalie Masuoka (...
October 6, 2016 | Juhem Navarro-Rivera
Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Der‑Teghiayan blocked Same-Day Registration (SDR) at all precinct‑level polling locations in Illinois for the November 8 Presidential Election. The ruling...
September 28, 2016 | Damon Daniels


Dear Mr. Detzner: We write representing the League of Women Voters of Florida, persons eligible to register to vote that this organization represents, and others similarly situated to notify you that...
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This matter is before the Court on Defendant’s Motion to Implement Remedy (Doc. 72) and Plaintiffs’ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Motion for an Order to Show Cause (Doc. 74)....

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