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Representation is not enough, we need collective governance

Racism is Profitable

Demos President Taifa Butler explains what true democracy looks like, and why what we have right now just ain’t it.

For this episode of Racism Is Profitable, we’re exploring governance. Run by corporations and elite policymakers who put markets above all else, our current economy is designed to exclude and literally kill us. Understandably, people of color have very little confidence in government today, yet it’s also the pathway to winning our power in the economy. So we’re here to bust assumptions about our so-called democratic processes and, more importantly, reimagine what governing could and should be. What if we redefined the relationship between elected officials and movements? What if American governance was rooted in community? Demos President Taifa Butler joins the show to cut through the chaos and help us envision a new governing moment.

Listen to the full episode at Liberation in a Generation