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OUR Walmart Relaunches Its Campaign To Beat the World Retail Giant

In These Times

Nevertheless, Walmart has had to make concessions to the pressure upon the business, mostly from OUR Walmart. It is in the process of enacting a series of wage hikes, starting with boosts to $9 an hour this year and $10 next year for a half-million of its lowest paid workers (out of 1.4 million), changes in scheduling policy, more accommodating pregnancy policies (after OUR Walmart’s “Respect the Bump” campaign). 

But a new study from one of OUR Walmart’s think-tank partners, Demos, finds that even with the promised future raise to $10 an hour minimum, workers in every state would not earn enough to support the basic needs of even a single adult at the company’s normal “full-time” schedule of 34 hours per week. Yet Walmart continues a stock buy-back scheme that has expended tens of billions of dollars in recent years and has accomplished nothing but enrich a core group of shareholders.