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First 100 Days

NBC News

While Trump and his allies can debate his progress elsewhere, there’s little dispute that the president’s congressional agenda has been a wreck so far. His glaring failure to sign any major legislation or at least make significant progress on a signature bill stands out among modern presidents. [...]

“I think the way that Donald Trump campaigned by vilifying whole segments of the American community made it very difficult for him to then take office and reach out,” Heather McGhee, the president of the progressive think tank Demos, said.

McGhee said she was initially hopeful that she might find common cause with Trump on narrow issues like money in politics, which he railed against on the trail. Instead, he pursued the most divisive items on his agenda in the first 100 days, including a travel ban, health care repeal, and a crackdown on illegal immigration.

“He didn’t come out of the gate on jobs and infrastructure or trade, he came out of the gate on literally turning away our huddled and our tired and our poor, he came out of the gate taking aim at vulnerable people,” McGhee said.