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EXCLUSIVE: New Demos report investigates why Donald Trump is so horribly bad for Black people

The Grio

[T]he public policy organization fights for racial equity, an expanded middle class and shaving the amount of money used in politics. Demos has just released a landmark report exclusively to theGrio explaining its studied view of why the Trump administration is bad for Black people and they have receipts.

The 11-page report titled “Social Exclusion: Black People Have Everything to Lose Under Trump” is in honor of next week’s Juneteenth celebration. The annual commemoration of June 19th, 1865, is when the Union Army finally reached the last corner of Texas to let the slaves there know what all the other slaves across the country already knew – they were finally “free.”

The report examines the interpretation of freedom, equality, inclusion and how this current administration has practiced what it calls “social exclusion,” a set of decisions and actions that have systematically moved many Black Americans further away from a decent quality of life. Actions cited in the report range from defunding federal offices committed to racial justice to referring to our ancestral land as “sh*t countries.”

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