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Democrats Preview The 2020 Primary, And It's Intersectional, Antiestablishment, And Democratic Socialist–Friendly

Ryan C. Brooks
Ruby Cramer
Buzzfeed News

People care about race and class. Policymakers should be speaking to both.

“I think that folks like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are picking [the messaging style] up because they understand that there's potential for this to be a winning narrative,” said Causten Rodriguez-Wollerman, a strategist with Demos, a left-leaning research group that hosted the Netroots training session on intersectionality.

“I think we’ve demonstrated that it’s better than the status-quo language the left has been using,” added Rodriguez-Wollerman. “And I think the reason they’re identifying it as a winning message is because it’s clear that Trump won by stoking racial fears and we have to address those racial fears to win moving forward.”

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