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We're Thankful for You

Thank you.

For speaking out against racism and injustice.

For taking the time to understand the issues deeply.

For refusing to let hate go unchallenged.  

For the diverse and democratic future you envision. 

For committing your time, energy and resources to creating that future.

For all that and more, Demos is thankful to you—our supporters and allies.

Today I pledge to you that Demos will take everything we’ve been doing—cutting-edge research, bold litigation, creative organizing campaigns, expert policy development, cultivation of strong new leaders—and crank up the volume. We will not accept the new normal, will not shrink our goals to fit within its narrow and cruel confines. 

We will take to heart a lesson of this election: that it is foolish to choose between talking about race and gender and winning the white working class, when not only is the working class already predominantly people of color and women, but the white working class suffers as well when politicians use racism to drive wages down and drive working people apart. 

We will help build the politics of the future, aspirational and inclusive, yet clear about the inequalities in our society and who benefits from them. We will create a circle of protection around threatened communities. We will defend what we have against attacks by Trump and his Congress on fundamental rights and freedoms, but keep elevating the vision for what we truly need, because the status quo is unacceptable and neither party has done enough to solve the problems of inequality. 

Through all of this, Demos will communicate directly with you, our friends and allies, on the issues that matter most to you, alert you to opportunities for action, and stand shoulder to shoulder with you every step of the way.  

But first, let us all take a day to give thanks after these weeks of despair and determination. Never have we at Demos been more committed to our mission to create an America where we all have an equal say and an equal chance. And never have you and I needed each other more. 

If you light a candle at the Thanksgiving table, know that inside each of us is another flame. Call it passion, call it justice, call it hope. Demos is proud to stand with you at this holiday season, all of us burning brightly, together.