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Roundup: Racism Is Sabotaging the Postal Service and the Black Middle Class

Taking on the war against the USPS, voter fraud myths, and more.

It comes as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic is now being used as a cover by those who feel threatened by an inclusive, equitable democracy and economy. This week, we call out the fearmongering, racist tactics for what they are, and show how we counter them.

 Democratic Reform 

  1. We need to rewrite the Constitution to stop voter suppression.

    We’ve reshaped society before to make America more equitable. We can do it again.

    Read Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman's latest in Slate

  2. COVID-19 has exposed the deep, racialized inequities in access to the things we need to keep ourselves and our families safe—including our democracy.

    There are clear steps that states can and should take to ensure that Black and brown Americans—and indeed all Americans—can exercise their fundamental right to vote.

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  3. Anti-democracy forces are weaponizing myths about voter fraud. Don’t believe them.

    As consensus grows for safer voting solutions like expanded vote by mail, the myths and fearmongering about voter fraud are also growing.

    Read what you should know about voter fraud claims in the lead up to the 2020 election


 Economic Justice 

  1. Dog-whistle racism is sabotaging the postal service and threatening to gut the Black middle class.

    The right wing has long used racist dog whistles to undermine support for public institutions and push an agenda that enriches private companies at the expense of the public good. Attacking the Postal Service, one of the nation’s largest employers of Black workers, is a prime example.

    Read more about the right's dog-whistle racism against the USPS


 We're Hiring! 

  1. Demos is looking for a Senior Manager of Individual Giving.

    This person will oversee our major, annual, and planned giving programs on our amazing Development team. 

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