Michael Jackson is a Research Intern at Demos with responsibilities of conducting secondary research, assisting with statistical analysis, and write memos highlighting key trends on our core issues of Democracy & Election and Economy & Opportunity.  Michael’s research and writing background includes a focus on the political implications of growing class, generational, and geographic distinctions within communities of color. Specifically, by examining the political behavior and ideology of subgroups within the African American community (Africans, Afro-Caribbean’s, and African American) in order to develop tools that better politically mobilize the African American community, and enhance the general research of the political opinions and political behaviors of communities of color.

Some of his previous work experience includes research assistant as part of the evaluation team for The California Votes Initiative to increase voter turnout among low propensity communities in Central and Southern California and as a teaching assistant at Columbia University. Michael authored an article in the journal East Bay Politica entitled, "The Browning of Europe: A Comparative Analysis of British, French, and German Reaction to Postwar Immigration"

Michael is formerly a graduate fellow in the Columbia University Political Science Department and is a graduate of California State University, East Bay with a B.A. in political science.