Demos Senior Campaign Strategist Vijay Das gave the following prepared remarks at the "People’s Filibuster to Stop Tax Cuts for Billionaires" rally today, organized by the Not One Penny Campaign in front of Capitol Hill, urging the Senate to reject this Republican tax scam and stand up for working Americans.

Vijay Das' Remarks

Thanks Rio.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, the saying goes. These tax cuts for the 1 percent are certainly about death. Killing a chance for everyone to make it.

Republicans are dead set to listen to their corporate donors. Not the people. 

We know this: the super rich and corporations don’t need a tax cut. The 1 percent are doing just fine. Tax cuts for the rich cut into our lives. Erode public trust. Crush any progress to uplift families of color. Immigrants.

These cuts rip into Medicare. The Safety-net. They strip healthcare. They increase taxes on nurses, teachers, bus drivers, cashiers. All for Trump and his greedy billionaire friends to shave theirs.

Republican donors, The KOCHS, may be licking their chops to scam us. But we know we can push through. Keep up the fight.

Republicans are digging their own grave.