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The Databook

This databook is designed to describe the decline in opportunity and security that has taken place over the past thirty years, as the policies that previously provided the foundation for the existence of an American middle class deteriorated. The report provides a comprehensive portrait of the Millennial generation, and where possible, compares their economic status to that of the previous generation when they were just starting out.  

The analysis reveals the failure of public investment and public policy to provide young people with the means to achieve economic security and sustain the middle class. The book is organized into five key areas: jobs and the economy, college access and attainment, health care, cost of living, and raising a family. We also provide an initial blueprint for policy change.  

The Poll

Young Invincibles and Demos commissioned a survey of young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 to better capture their circumstances, their anxieties, and their ambitions. The poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research and Consulting. From their responses comes an in-depth, firsthand look at how these Americans feel about their economic situation, their prospects for the future, and their aspirations of working hard and getting ahead.  

The poll results show a population of young Americans who are discouraged with their current economic standing, yet continue to hold out hope for their futures and express strong opinions about the way forward for their generation.  

The Stories

These stories are a cross section of the experiences of young people entering adulthood in a time of uncertainty, as related to Young Invincibles by the young people themselves. These stories reach through the data to reveal the real, human impact of recent economic trends. Their voices express both the challenges faced by this generation and their opportunities and constraints for facing these challenges head-on to build a solid foundation for their adult lives.  




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