The Race-Class Narrative Project

The goal of Demos’ Race-Class Narrative (RCN) project is to develop an empirically-tested narrative on race and class that resonates with all working people and offers an alternative to—and neutralizes the use of—dog-whistle racism.

If we hope to block racially and economically divisive tactics that use racism as a strategy to divide working people and poor people from one another so that a few can gain, we must mobilize around a new narrative. This narrative must help people envision a multiracial country in which everyone has economic opportunity.

Demos is committed to developing tools and offering strategic support so that progressive initiatives nationwide can use this new Race-Class Narrative to mobilize and activate people of color, working-class people of all races, and women (who together comprise what we call the “New American Demos”) to show up at the polls, run for office, and use compelling narratives and messages in their everyday conversations.

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This is an ongoing project - please visit this page for updates.

Race-Class In Action

(c) 2018 Midwest Culture Lab, a project of Alliance for Youth Organizing. Produced by Notice Pictures for the Peoria Project.
    Bring the Race-Class Narrative into the Field

    We want to help people incorporate the RCN into campaigns, base-building efforts and communications with voters. Connect with RCN in the following ways:

    • Integrate the RCN findings and best practices into your trainings.
    • Work with us to tailor the narrative to your issue campaigns and strategic messaging, from door-knocking scripts to commercials.
    • Host a presentation or half-day workshop on RCN findings and best practices.
    • Contact us for technical assistance on your strategic messaging plans and material development.

    **To access the 501(c)(4) findings of the RCN research, please visit or contact

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