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As Washington Shifts Focus to President's Jobs Plan, New Report Details the Causes & Solutions to Massachusetts' Unemployment

Boston - As President Obama tours the nation to promote the "American Jobs Act," a new report from the public policy organization Demos, "The State of Massachusetts' Middle Class," details the causes and impact of the growing jobs crisis in the Bay State and across America.

"The State of Massachusetts' Middle Class" explains that the massive jobs loss from the Great Recession have not only hurt families across the state but cost the state at least $440 million annually in lost sales tax and income revenues, on top of other revenue losses from the recession, putting thousands more middle-class jobs at risk.

"Strengthening Massachusetts' middle class today will require greater investments in the public structures that ensure individuals and businesses can flourish-our infrastructure, our schools, and our colleges," explained Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy & Programs at Demos. 

"The 'American Jobs Act' is a step in the right direction to digging Massachusetts and the nation out of the Great Recession. We have to recognize as a nation that we cannot rebuild America's middle class without bold public investment and a commitment among companies to hire new workers."

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