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Press release/statement

Friedrichs v. CTA Would Further Erode the Rights of the New Working Class

Today, the Supreme Court hears arguments in a pivotal case on union rights in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association. If they decide on behalf of the plaintiffs, the justices would overturn a 1977 Supreme Court decision allowing public sector unions to collect fair share fees from all employees to help pay for the costs associated with collective bargaining.

Vice President of Policy and Research Tamara Draut released the following statement.

”In a case being debated today, the Supreme Court is poised to deal yet another blow to the new working class. While ostensibly about one teacher’s right to not pay agency fees, this is really about reshaping the rules that govern workers’ rights.

Union membership has been gutted over the past several decades due to coordinated efforts by conservative donors across all three branches of government. This case is yet another example. The Center for Individual Rights, funded by some of the biggest conservative donors in the country, is representing the plaintiffs in challenging forty years of legal precedent.

Friedrichs threatens to further undermine workplace democracy--a legal right that has been under attack for decades, leaving an increasing share of American workers without any real say on the job . The justices should see through this charade and rule against the plaintiffs."