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Demos Unveils State Policy Roadmap to Address Long-Standing Injustices

26 State-Level Policy Solutions to Fight Economic Inequalities, Racial Injustices and Electoral Abuses

(New York, NY) Today, Demos, a New York-based public policy organization, released a new economic agenda designed for state policymaking, called Everyone’s America: State Policies for an Equal Say in Our Democracy and an Equal Chance in Our Economy. The inclusive, multi-racial populism that this set of policy initiatives reflects will break down economic and social barriers, and establish a democracy that is of, by, and for the people—not just the wealthy special interests.

“This race-forward, working-class platform stands in stark contrast to the phony populism that divides and disempowers. This is an agenda for all Americans, not just the wealthiest few,” said Connie Razza, Director of Policy & Research at Demos. “There is a real opportunity for states to take the lead in enacting policies that promote economic, political and racial justice.” 

Everyone’s America lays out 26 policies—from raising job standards to modernizing voter registration—that revolve around 3 essential needs:

  • Addressing the economic challenges faced by today’s working class through state-level policies, focused on workers’ rights, equitable education systems and affordable housing.
  • Challenging the deep-rooted racism strategically used by politicians and policymakers to instill division in our country, from inequitable transit investments to mass incarceration in a biased justice system.
  • Creating a more fair and free democratic process that works to incorporate all Americans. This can be done by shifting power from wealthy donors to everyday people, increasing inclusivity of voter registration systems and ensuring that legislative districts are organized fairly based on population.

“It is time to make our democracy and our economy work for people of all walks of life,” said Allie Boldt, Counsel at Demos. “Bringing our democracy into balance can help us create an economy that works for all of us, not just the donor class.”  

Demos has worked with state legislators, grassroots organizations and thought leaders around the country to create this comprehensive suite of policies. Moving forward, Demos is committed to working with state leaders to enact these critical policies. This state-level roadmap is the second in a series of policy assessments that Demos plans to release. The first policy agenda in the series, Everyone’s Economy, provided an outline for federal policies to lift up working people.