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Press release/statement

Demos Statement on Trump's New Muslim Ban Executive Order

Wednesday, March 1 (NEW YORK, NY) – Heather McGhee, President of Demos, a New York-based public policy organization and think tank, issued the following statement condemning President Trump’s re-issued Muslim ban executive order.

“Today’s executive order fails to resolve the unconstitutional catastrophe of the original Muslim ban. This executive order – likes its predecessor – discriminates against Muslims from certain countries and defies the principles of inclusion, religious freedom and justice that already make our country great.

“This second Muslim ban remains fundamentally unchanged from the former, and as we rose up against the earlier ban, people across the country will again fight this unconstitutional order. As Americans, who believe in the fundamental rights of all people, we know that we are better than this.

“It is not only our responsibility - but also our duty - to resist the targeting and oppression of any one community.  We must continue to stand up in defense of the Constitution, basic human rights and the future of our nation. We the people, as a collective power, will prevail.”