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Press release/statement

Demos Statement on Sham Pence-Kobach Commission Meeting

NEW YORK, NY – Ahead of the second Pence-Kobach Commission meeting today, Demos Vice President of External Affairs Tori O'Neal-McElrath released the following statement:

“Our democracy is strongest when every eligible citizen can cast their vote and have their voice heard. Instead of strengthening our democracy, the Pence-Kobach Commission does just the opposite. The Commission is the Trump Administration’s latest attempt to shrink the electorate and silence voters of color. The real purpose of this commission is to suppress voter turnout from targeted demographic groups. This is white supremacy in action.

“Rather than working to remove unfair barriers at the polls, Trump and his team continue to spend time and resources trying to steal the right to vote from eligible voters. We stand with states as they reject partisan and racially motivated attacks on voting rights, starting with this sham commission. The elected leaders of this country should shift their focus away from undermining our democracy, and start fighting for the rights of all individuals to exercise their constitutional right to vote. True leadership means lifting up the voice of the entire demos – not suppressing it.”