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Demos Statement on Senate Approval of GOP Tax Scam

New York, NY – Today, the Republican-led U.S. Senate voted on strictly partisan lines to approve a new tax plan that will increase taxes on working- and middle-class Americans while lowering taxes on billionaires and wealthy corporations. In response, Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy and Research at Demos released the following statement:

“With this tax bill, President Trump and Senate Republicans have ripped-off millions of working- and middle-class Americans to give a hand out to billionaires and wealthy corporations. This legislation will severely harm working and middle class families struggling to get ahead or even get by – and worsen already severe economic inequality in our country.

“Working Americans deserve a tax code that addresses the gross injustices in our economy and raises the revenue our nation needs to fix our crumbling roads and poisoned water systems and invest in our students, schools, teachers and future. This bill is not a solution, it’s a scam.”

In addition, Demos’ Vijay Das recently spoke at a rally on Capitol Hill urging the Senate to reject this Republican tax scam and stand up for working Americans.