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Press release/statement

Demos Statement in Response to Trump’s Reported Repeal of DACA

New York, NY – In response to Donald Trump’s reported decision to repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) with a 6-month delay, Demos Senior Counsel, Katherine Culliton-González, released the following statement:

“Trump’s reported decision to repeal DACA is the latest entry in his racist, divisive and cruel agenda. These actions put nearly 800,000 young people, who are already contributing to our communities and economy, at risk of being stripped of their work authorization and subject to deportation, unless Congress acts within 6 months. Dreamers are part of American families and communities. They came forward with the government’s promise of protection. Today, Trump has broken that promise.

“In just over eight months, Trump has sowed fear in immigrant communities. ICE arrests have skyrocketed 40 percent with over 400 persons arrested each day, tearing apart hundreds of families daily. Trump has encouraged racial profiling in remarks to police. And, last week, he pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who represents the worst of these offenses: openly racially profiling Latinos, inhumane prison conditions, and flouting court orders.

“Trump has repeatedly doubled down on divisive and racist rhetoric and policies. He continues to promulgate an America that is whitewashed and refuses to view all people equally regardless of race, sexuality, religion or gender.

“While Trump has exacerbated our broken immigration system and endangered immigrant families and communities, Congress and state and local jurisdictions must take action. Congress must immediately pass the bipartisan bill granting Dreamers permanent legal status. Congress must also pass comprehensive immigration reform, and refuse to fund increased immigration enforcement or Trump's dangerous expansion of border wall. And, state and local officials must protect the fundamental rights of immigrants by implementing constitutionally required sanctuary policies and refusing to collaborate with Trump's deportation machine.

“We stand with Latino families and all people of color against these cruel actions, and in pursuit of a multiracial demos where all people have an equal voice and an equal opportunity in our democracy.”