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Press release/statement

Demos Statement on the 2017 New York Votes Act

NEW YORK, NY – Jodeen Olguín-Tayler, Vice President Policy and Strategic Partnerships at Demos, a New York-based public policy organization and think tank, issued the following statement in response to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s pledge to introduce the 2017 New York Votes Act:

“Voter friendly reforms such as Automatic Voter Registration and Same-Day Registration can streamline and ease the voter registration process, ultimately adding millions of voters to the rolls and helping to achieve full and inclusive voter participation. Demos applauds Attorney General Schneiderman for bringing attention to ways in which we can improve voter access, and will continue our work to ensure the people of New York can participate in our democracy and have their voices heard. Voting is a constitutional right and in far too many cities and states, eligible voters of all races and backgrounds face many unnecessary barriers to register to vote and to exercise this right. Demos remains committed to working with community leaders and governments at the federal, state, and local levels to put in place policies that make it more possible for people to participate in our democracy and vote. Voting reforms are important structural reforms in the journey to become a country where we all have an equal chance in our economy, and an equal say in our democracy.”