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Press release/statement

Demos’ Response to Trump’s Address to Joint Session of Congress

Tuesday, February 28 (NEW YORK, NY) – Heather McGhee, President of Demos, a New York-based public policy organization and think tank, issued this statement following President Trump’s address.

“Since taking office a little over a month ago, President Trump has worked tirelessly to repeal the 21st century progress our country has made. He has issued a series of executive orders targeting the Muslim faith with a travel ban, tearing apart families with terrifying anti-immigration raids, and rescinding protections for transgender youth—not to mention his targeting of a free and independent press. These actions are a direct consequence of this administration’s fear-based rhetoric, and are a far cry from the motives of an administration that believes in the tenets of democracy.

“The administration’s recent budget proposal reflects his phony populism, enriching the 1% and corporate elites, particularly by proposing a major increase in military spending that will be sure to please defense contractors. On the other hand, his military build-up inevitably comes at the cost of people’s well-being through cuts to vital education, health and environmental programs. This president has failed to match his rhetoric with his actions, revealing time and again that he is no hero for the working class.  

“Our democracy is not about the whims of one man, but about us as a collective. We the people have the power to ensure that our highest values are not abandoned by this new administration. We must continue to band together and resist the rollback of our rights and freedoms. Together, we the people will triumph.”