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Demos Releases Policy Roadmap to Lift Up Working People

The 25 bold must-do policies address the top challenges facing hard-working people across America

New York, NY – Today, Demos, the progressive public policy organization, unveiled 25 policy proposals that will substantially address the economic challenges faced by people who work and the families they support. Everyone’s Economy was created to help policymakers prioritize and champion key policies that will give all people—regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, or sexuality—the opportunity to succeed in our economy. This agenda was designed to challenge the deeply-rooted racism that pervades American politics and policy.

“Whether it’s excessive child care costs, loans with absurdly high interest rates or a job that doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet, the pocketbook issues that Americans care about just aren’t getting the attention they deserve,” said Tamara Draut, vice president of policy & research at Demos. “It’s time for leaders in Washington to step up and address the economic concerns of the American people, and Demos is proud to provide a roadmap to make the lives of working Americans better.”  

“The American people are sick and tired of those in power turning a blind eye to the daily struggles they are facing,” said Connie Razza, director of policy & research at Demos. “We’re providing policymakers around the country with a policy roadmap that will elevate the dignity and well-being of all working Americans.” 

The policies cover 7 areas of focus, including: investing in our future, creating better jobs, rebuilding opportunity, achieving justice in the community, sustaining our families, building wealth with equity, and curbing corporate power. 

The 25 policy solutions included in Everyone’s Economy were the culmination of extensive outreach to identify the top challenges facing hard-working Americans nationwide and a detailed assessment of the policy options to address these problems. Specific policy proposals focused on raising job standards, establishing debt-free college, making homes affordable for all, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, making taxes fairer and many others will be released next week. 

As an organization that has long championed many of the race-forward economic policies articulated in this roadmap, Demos is committed to working with leaders in Congress and across the country to put these policies into practice. This is the first in a series of policy assessments that Demos plans to release, which will include a state-level roadmap in the near future.